Features and Benefits
• Very easily soluble with water
• Outstanding emulsion stability
• Very good machine tool lubrication due to high oil content
• Good resistance to bacterial degradation
• Compatible with good quality paints used on machine tools
• Pleasant to work with
* Available Neat Cutting Oil
Soluble I Neat*


PURELUBE CUTTING OIL, is a general purpose soluble cutting fluid
which on dilution with water forms a milky stable emulsion, the
boundary properties afforded by the high oil content not only
provides good machining performance but the ability to leave fluid
corrosion inhibiting oil residues. It is suitable for all general-purpose
machining operations – drilling, milling, turning and sawing of a
variety of medium tensile steels and certain alloys of aluminum and
copper Suggested dilution ratios vary according to the application
and the severity of the operation in ferrous/ nonferrous metals


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