Features and Benefits
• Excellent thermal and oxidation stability, improved anti-wear properties
• Advanced detergency and dispersancy.
• Outstanding rust and corrosion properties, High residual fuel compatibility
• Excellent TBN reserve and retention
• Marine engine main propulsion and auxiliary engine
• Medium-speed trunk piston engines that run on residual fuels
• Stationary equipment that runs on heavy fuel
• Marine or stationary engines that require highly alkaline oil.
SAE: 30 I 40 I 50 I 70 I 100


PURELUBE MARINE OILS are superior quality, extra high performance, marine
diesel engine cylinder oil.
The outstanding performance of PURELUBE MARINE OIL has been
demonstrated at the highest peak firing pressures and liner temperatures.
PURELUBE MARINE OIL employs additives with substantially greater thermal
stability and superior acid-corrosion protection.
Demonstrated superior ring and liner protection and cleanliness under
sustained operation with fuel sulphur levels down to 1.5%, but in some cases
can be used in lower sulphur applications with the approval of the engine


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